Teletalk Mobile Topup at Shurjomukhi Paypoint

Thursday, October 27, 2011
We at Shurjomukhi have been working some time to bring Teletalk mobile top-up on the internet using credit or debit cards. This online telecharge facility is directly integrated with Teletalk billing system and first in Bangladesh. We are going to provide this mobile airtime recharge facility at Shurjomukhi Paypoint portal.

Internet shopping, bill payment and other payment activities on the web are just picking up in Bangladesh after Bangladesh Bank worked out policies and guidelines for online payment system and authorized commercial banks in the country to act as payment gateway.

This system still has inherent issues which will hinder growth in online payment in the country; like merchant or shopping sites cannot take card details on their sites and only banks and their online site can take those details. This process makes online shopping and payment less coherent and shoppers will get into confusion. But we will have to do this way because online security is still a new buzz word to us on which we are just making our first bite.

Lets hope our effort to bring automated mobile recharge online for Teletalk at Paypoint portal make dent on the inexperienced internet shoppers in Bangladesh.


  • ফিরদৌস সালেহীন (Firdous Saleheen)

    Great step..make it easier for expatriate Bangladeshis..I think they are your initial target market.

  • ImTiaZ

    Expatriate Bangladeshis can already use our site as we can accept international credit cards through our card processors. Also, we have plan to bring Paypal integration in next phase

  • Bhuiyan Mohammad Iklash

    Good to see this and know that "Bangladesh Bank worked out policies and guidelines for online payment system ". Sir, do you have any plan to integrate payment thru mobile phones? I mean using mobile as a payment card?

  • Nice step and a mobile app would definitely make it more powerful. I guess the form is taking the values and redirecting to the related banks sites using their API. Probably it would be a good idea to add recaptcha verification in the page to avoid auto submission by bots. Also I guess there is no onchange js checking in Taka field for checking the range of amount? this can be added if not present.

  • Unknown

    teletalk er to user nai, etto facility diye ki lav !! ??

  • ImTiaZ

    Hi Guys, thanks to all for your valuable feedback.

    @bhuiyan: we have plans to integrate newly launched Mobile wallets systems

    @monjur: we are stopping auto submission by other process. yes, onchange JS checking is missing, will add this soon

    @unknown: Teletalk is the start and lav ase bhai. :-)

  • Nancy Jones

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    online prepaid recharge, online shopping and various activities without stepping out.

  • Gexton

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  • Md Rana

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